AS Consult is a business consulting company providing expert advice in the area of State aid.

Zlatan Janeš founded AS Consult in 2013.

In early 2004  Republic of Croatia started to establish of the State aid regime in compliance with the State aid rules contained in the so called EU acquis communautaire. So, Zlatan's career were marked by participation in the negotiations for the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the EU when we were particularly involved in the harmonization process the Croatian legal system needed to undergo in the area of State aid and competition policy. That activities mostly involved work on the restructuring of the Croatian shipbuilding industry, the steel sector, undertakings in the transport sector, in the textile industry and many others whose businesses at that time relied on State interventions.

The concrete work on the restructuring plans of undertakings when they had to be put in line with State aid rules gave me the first-hand and rewarding experience which we may now as consultants share with the undertakings that need such advice. 

Think State aid first!

What every undertaking needs to take into account before it starts using the funds from the State budget, the local budget or the EU funds, is the notion of State aid – a set of rules that define the criteria for the use of public money which constitutes State aid. Where the award of public resources is not in compliance with State aid rules, the undertaking – aid beneficiary may face recovery orders from the European Commission, increased by interest on arrears.

State aid rules can be complex and getting it wrong can mean you have to recover aid from businesses.

Everybody who uses State aid in any form whatsoever, be it restructuring aid, aid for investment, environmental aid, de minimis aid, aid falling under the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) or be it projects financed from the EU funds, regardless of the fact whether the project involves a big infrastructural objects or promotes a small and medium-sized enterprise, you should get advice from AS Consult. AS Consult will help you to carry out the procedure in the sense of the EU and Croatian State aid rules.

AS Consult – A bridge to a safer side of business

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